About Me

Student, teacher, artist, musician, performer, conductor, reader, talker, author, skeptic, martial artist, gardener, foodie, cook. Passionate about social justice, animal rights, craft beer, green living, and Phil Collins.


I am currently Assistant Professor of Music History at the Hartt School, University of Hartford. I am primarily a historical musicologist and theorist, although I have strong interests in contemporary art and popular musics, ethnomusicology, and performance. I am a vocalist and performer on modern brass, modern and historical percussion, and a plethora of early instruments, primarily recorder and other winds.

My current main focus is a development of the findings presented in my 2012 dissertation, namely on the development of musical notation in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. I am working on several projects of varying size, exploring the theoretical explanations for particular notational practices, scribal choices in music manuscripts, and the social/ historical contexts for some lesser-known theorists and treatises. However, I am also continuing my research into video game music, particularly in the Sid Meier’s Civilization series, and into music as a means of portraying identity in media such as television sit-coms, film, and so forth.

At the Hartt School, I currently teach the undergraduate music history sequence, from Ancient Greece through today, as well as the graduate ProSeminar, a research methods & bibliography course. I also teach elective seminars such as the history of musical notation and musical borrowing, and advise master’s and doctoral thesis, lecture-recitals, and other work.


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