Missing MedRen and other things

Very disappointed indeed to be missing MedRen. I hope no one else had their travel plans disrupted by the tropical storm (for I’m assuming that is what caused my flights to be grounded and ultimately cancelled). I was very much looking forward to attending and presenting, but I’m grateful to have my paper on mensural theory in late medieval Avignon read in absentia. To that end, I’ve put my handouts on my Academia.edu page here, and I welcome any inquiries or comments.

In other words, it’s been quite the busy year. I’ve successfully finished my first year at the University of Hartford. It’s a heavy teaching load but I enjoy my students and colleagues, and I’ve found it quite manageable indeed. I’ve also been able to keep things afloat on the research end. Last summer’s MedRen paper received good feedback, and I’m currently at work developing that into both a short article and a critical edition of Johannes Pipudi’s treatise “De arte cantus.” Earlier this year, I presented my research on the anonymous treatises collectively called “De figuris,” which also got excellent feedback, and I’ll be turning that into an article later this summer or fall. I’ve managed to finish two articles already this summer: one on some unusual notation in a Binchois rondeau, and the other a brief overview of the possibilities of data/text mining in early music research (forthcoming, Early Music, 2015). Lastly, I continue to work on research for the eventual monograph, which will combine my dissertation work with an investigation of the notated manuscript traditions in the 14th and early 15th centuries with regard to the development of small note values. I’ve also participated virtually in the Teaching Music History UnConference in Chicago and in Hastac’s Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop, in which my work on music in the sitcom Will & Grace was peer-reviewed, and I’m currently working on a crowd-sourced syllabus for a seminar on musical families. All in all, it’s been a very productive summer, and I look forward to sharing more updates on my work.

Since my plans for MedRen 2014 were thwarted, I will live vicariously through my colleagues & friends on Facebook and Twitter, and I plan to regroup and make a dent in one of my projects this weekend. As the good doctor would say, “Allons-y!”


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