Med-Ren Certaldo

It’s that time of year again, folks.

Off to Med-Ren; this year’s conference is in Certaldo, Italy. (To check out the conference program, click here.) I haven’t spent this much time in Italy since 2006, so I’m very excited to be heading back, and I get to spend varying degrees of time in three different cities to boot. Flying in and out of Pisa with enough time to drag my jet-lagged self off to the tower and some historic churches, etc. Florence on Thursday morning, apparently, for the opening ceremonies (I picture all the musicologists walking in with matching ensembles depending on what country they’re from, and wish there would have been enough time to have special-ordered those amazing blue and pink things that Germany wore last year…). Spending the rest of the week milling about peacefully in Certaldo Alto (though I’m sure that the combination of medievalists—or Byrd scholars, wine, and a 24/7 funicular will lend itself to constant amusement).

The conference itself looks to be fantastic this year. Lots of promising sessions relating to Boccaccio, of course; an entire session on John Sheppard, which makes me swoon; a whole bunch of Trecento papers—especially looking forward to Elena Abramov-van Rijk’s discussion of Landini & Ockham; some interesting work on the recording history of early music; and, of course, a plethora of ‘newly-discovered sources,’ which I can’t wait to hear about. As per usual, I wish I could split myself into two or more so I could get to all the papers. Ah well. That’s what dinner after is for, right? Looking forward to catching up with all the folks I don’t get to see frequently and celebrating the new job with colleagues in a beautiful place.


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